"Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy." Richard Linklater.

Please note that I have moved many of my links and changed the contents of many pages to represent myself and my interests better. Many pages once featured here will no longer be available, as I am making a slight change in directions.

If you've wandered in here from a search engine, or from Hippyland Hippy Magazine, you may be wondering ,"Just who the hell is this guy?" It's pretty simple, my real name is Robert P. Clark jr. I prefer to be called Rob, but a lot of people still call me Robby, my childhood nickname. I was born in 1970, and I am single. I grew up in Mercer County West Virginia, but I moved to Blacksburg VA about 10 years ago, and consider Blacksburg my "home town". I am currently employed as a customer service agent in a large call center in Denver CO. I love to travel and visit new places. I lived in Chicago at a christian community for about 7 months. I also lived in California for about 2 years. I would never have made it there if not for my best friend Stacy, he's featured in a lot of the pictures on my site. While we were there we both attended Sanctuary.

I suppose I'm a "HIPPY", at least I often dress like one, and I find that the goals and sentiments of those times more often reflect my own. But I am interested in all radical, counter-culture, or sub-cultural movements. I'm a Christian too, but more the pseudo-intellectual type, meaning I like to think for myself, and not have all the answers spelled out for me. I would rather draw my own conclusions! I spent several years as a fundamentalist Christian, then a few more as a christian rocker, and then a few more as a backslidden Christian. Now I think for myself. I don't cling to any one belief system. Much of the experiences and the processes by which I have come to my current opinions are explained on my Writing Page. Also the works of Joseph Campbell, M.Scott Peck, and Karen Armstrong have been most influential in my life, and beliefs. I have to come to think of all of man's wisdom as being a synthesis of collective knowledge that comes from our subconcious and all seems to point in similar directions. I'm still not sure what it all means, but I plan on learning as much as I can! I hate labels but if I had to pick one I guess Jungian, existentialist or mystic humanist would best describe me. Or you could just think of me as what one of my best friends has described as "the most eclectic mix of skepticism and belief that" that he's ever met!

Finally I am a complete and totally unrepentant pop culture junkie! I love movies, comic books, literature, art and entertainment of all sorts! I am also very interested in "counter culture" or ways of life that definitely fall outside of mainstream american culture. I love people who think for themselves, make their own decisions, and love to offend all the complacent, and ridiculous automatons of this world!

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