Welcome to Robman's News and Featured links page. I have recently updated this page. It includes links to some of my friends websites, news and other issues that either interest or concern me, and finally information that I wanted to share with the visitors of my site. I neither endorse nor neccesarily agree with many of the opinions expressed on the websites to be found by following these links. By featuring these links my only intent is to encourage critical and free thought, and to spotlight art and entertainment that I enjoy.

Jimi Hendrix by Mark Ryden

News and Thought.

Anxiety Panic Internet Resource.:"A grass roots project involving thousands of people interested in anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, phobias, shyness, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior and post traumatic stress."
Banned Books Online: Books that have been the objects of censorship or censorship attempts. Support free speech, read a banned book!
Born Digital.com "Borndigital (www.borndigital.com) consists of hundreds of pages of art, history, book excerpts, and ranting, generated by One Person, over several years, with no specific plan; hence its bizarre layout. Pages link to one another in the Borndigital domain, in somewhat random patterns, but "Shortcuts" is an attempt to index the entire site." A facsinating webpage, of special note is the "Politics/Sacred Cows" section.
Bush or Chimp?:"This is a little project I decided to start once I realized how much George W. Bush looks like a chimpanzee. I'm not a member of any political party, and I have nothing in particular against the man. I just think he kind of looks like a chimpanzee."-Bill Feldspar.
Bush Watch :"Critical thinking is compatible with patriotism.""Amnesia is not a requirement for patriotism."
Common Dreams.: Breaking news & views for progressive-thinking Americans.
Disinformation.: The Subculture Search Engine.
Dubya Says.: Home of the George W. Bush Quote Library.
Existentialism: "A philosophical movement or tendency of the 19th and 20th centuries. Because of the diversity of positions associated with existentialism, a precise definition is impossible; however, it suggests one major theme: a stress on individual existence and, consequently, on subjectivity, individual freedom, and choice."
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: the earth edition of the Guide.
Memetics: "Memetics is the study of ideas and concepts viewed as "living" organisms, capable of reproduction and evolution in an "Ideosphere" (similar to the Biosphere) consisting of the collective of human minds. Memes reproduce by spreading to new hosts, who will spread them further (typical examples are jokes, catchphrases or politicial ideas)". Some information about a controversial yet intriguing theory on thought and language.
Mental Health Resources: a page of links to information regarding mental health.
MichaelMoore.Com.: From the creator of Mike and Me, and the Awful Truth.
People For the American Way.: "People For the American Way organizes and mobilizes Americans to fight for fairness, justice, civil rights and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution."
The Price of Being Different.: a Slashdot article on the repercussions of the Littleton high school shootings, and free expression.
The Skeptics Dictionary.: over 425 skeptical definitions and essays on occult, paranormal, supernatural and pseudoscientific ideas and practices with references to the best skeptical literature.

Friends links.

Dave Johnson's website: My long lost older brother, and an all around cool guy.
The Pathetic World of Stacy Puckett: One of my best and oldest friends.
Flesh and Blood: Christy Puckett's website, with a tribute to The Crow: Flesh and Blood.
Jonathan's Virtual Junkheap.: My good friend Jon's new website.
Futura Comics: Jon's New Comic Universe website.
A Link To Anywhere: A collection of paranormal, Rainbow Family, and Hippy links.
Dirty Hippy Liberal Christian Home Journal: A great spiritual resource.
Robert Silverman's home page: Another Robman's cool website.
Hippypunk's Starry-eyed Love Page!: A website devoted to beauty, joy, and fun!
The Talaxian Trader: The Totally Unofficial Ethan Philips Fan Page--Neelix Star Trek Voyager, disabled fandom--
NerdDom Rocks The Web!: "Attention all Nerds,Geeks,Goths,Outcasts,etc, are you sick of being persecuted by the mainstream media,the jocks,and the preppies?,if you answer yes,then this is the right site for You!" A thoughtful, intelligent, exceptional website, with lots of really cool links and info.
Hermosa Design Center A great place to get nice furniture in the South Bay area of California. The proprietors also happen to be good friends of mine.

Featured Links: things I wanted to share.

The Cobain Memorial.A tribute to Kurt Cobain.
Poppy Z. BriteOne of my favorite author's homepage.
The Tim Burton Collective. News and Info about my Favorite Director.
Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman's official website.
Hendrix Online.: The official Jimi Hendrix website.
The Stephen King Net.: News, Books, Stories, References, Characters, Community.
Christina Ricci, Simply Perfect.A tribute to my favorite actress!
Neal Stephenson One of my favorite author's, links and info.
Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash An exhaustive system of links concerning the novel Snow Crash.
Michelle Trachtenberg. An unofficial fansite for young actress Michelle Trachtenberg. Currently she can be seen playing Dawn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Alice Cooper Links.

Alice Cooper.The official Alice Cooper homepage.
Alice Cooper:Cooper Collections. A comprehensive Alice Cooper site, includes discography, bio's, history, pics, and downloads.
Alice Cooper Links at the Milarus Mansion.
Alice Cooper Lyrics.
Alice Cooper:Not Just Another Pretty Face. An Alice Cooper bio.
Alice Cooper:an interview with Alice wherein he discusses his struggles with alcoholism, and talks about his faith.

Things to do in Denver when your dead.

Tattered Cover Bookstore.: one of my favorite places to shop in Denver. They offer many services for the serious bibliophile.
Mile High Comics.: comics, collectibles, toys, clothes, and more! A geeks Paradise!
Cafe Netherworld.: one of the coolest places to hang out in the Capital Hill area of Denver.
The Onion.: America's Finest News Source. A parody newspaper distributed free in Denver and other cities.
The Westword.: Free newspaper distributed in Denver.

View Askew Productions. Kevin Smiths homepage. Hippyland Hippy Magazine. My best and oldest friends website.

Spinal Taps Official Homepage.Welcome to the Sattelite. John's Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Website. The Official X-files website.

The Doors!! The greatest Rock band ever!! Visit the Dreaming for Neil Gaiman stuff.

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