Literature and Reading Links.

Beat Writers and associated links.

Literary Kicks: A great place to start learning about the Beat writers and their social background.
Allen Ginsberg: Shadow Changes Into Bone, the clearinghouse for all things Ginsberg.
Jack Kerouac: DHARMA beat is a Jack Kerouac newszine dedicated to writing about Kerouac's life and writing.
Ken Kesey: My favorite madman! Kesey is probably most rememered for writing "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. But he was also a very influential inspiration in the "Psychedelic Revolution".
Ken Kesey: Tarnished Galahad. The Pranks and Prose of Ken Kesey.

Literature Links.

Herman Hesse: author of Siddhartha, and Steppenwolfe.
John Irving: author of The World According To Garp, A Prayer for Owen Meany, and The Cider House Rules .
Vladimir Nabokov: author Lolita, Ada, and Bend Sinister.
Vladimir Nabokov: Zembla - The Nabokov Butterfly Net.
George Orwell: author of 1984, and Animal Farm.
J.D. Salinger: author of The Catcher in the Rye.
Tom Wolfe: author of The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, and Bonfire of the Vanities.

Spirituality, and Inspirational Authors Links.

Karen Armstrong: author of In the Beginning : A New Interpretation of Genesis, and A Histroy of God.
Joseph Campbell: author The Hero With a Thousand Faces, The Masks of God (4 volumes), and Myths to Live By.
Robert M. Pirsig: author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
M. Scott Peck: author of The Road Less Traveled, In Search of Stones, and The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace.
M. Scott Peck: The Foundation For Community Encouragement.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Links.

Douglas Adams: author of Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency, and the Hitchhikers books.
Richard Adams: author of Watership Down.
Ray Bradbury: author of Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Martian Chronicles, and Dandelion Wine.
David Brin: author of Earth, The Uplift saga, and The Postman.
Orson Scott Card.: author of the Ender saga, The Tales of Alvin Maker, and Treasure Box.
Arthur C. Clarke: author of 2001 A Space Odyssey, and the Rama saga.
Robert A. Heinlein: author of Stranger in a Strange Land, Time Enough for Love, The Door Into Summer, and The Puppet Masters.
C.S. Lewis.: author of the Chronicles of Narnia, the Space Trilogy, and Till We Have Faces.
Lisa Mason.: author of The Summer of Love.
Lewis Shiner.: author of Glimpses, Slam, and Frontera.
Lewis Shiner.: My page dedicated to the book Glimpses.

Cyber Punk Links.

Philip K. Dick : author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep the inspiration for Blade Runner, The Divine Invasion, UBIK, and The Man in the High Castle.
William Gibson: author of Neuromancer, Idoru, the Difference Engine.
Neal Stephenson.: author of The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Cryptonomicon.
Bruce Sterling.: author of Heavy Weather, The Difference Engine (with William Gibson), and Holy Fire.

Dark Fantasy.

Poppy Z.Brite.: author of Lost Souls, Drawing Blood, The Crow: Lazarus Heart, and Courtney Love the Real Story.
Neil Gaiman.: author of Stardust with Charles Vess, the Novel Neverwhere, the creator of the BBC program Neverwhere, and the former writer of the Vertigo comic The Sandman.
Neil Gaiman.: my own page devoted to the works of Neil Gaiman.
Caitlin R. Kiernan.: author of numerous short stories, the novel Silk, and she is the current writer for the Vertigo comic The Dreaming.
Stephen King.: author of The Green Mile, Firestarter, IT, Misery, and many, many, more, books short stories, and screenplays.
Anne Rice.: author of the Vampire chronicles, The Witching Hour, and Belinda.

Comic Book Links.

Astro City.: Astro City is a comic of perspectives. Each issue, or story line is told from the individual point of view of the citizens of the fictional world in which Astro City resides. Even though the comic features many "traditional" comic style heroes, and most of these heroes are thought to be "homages" to comic book characters of the past, the focus is not on the action, or violence, but rather the effects of the action on those involved. Most of the stories are told in the first person, through interior monologue.
Bone, by Jeff Smith.: "After being run out of Boneville, the three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone, are separated and lost in a vast, uncharted desert. One by one they find their way into a deep, forested valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures..." Bone is a classic fantasy story much in the vein of Tolkien told in the form of a black and white comic. The artwork is lush and full of detail, and yet maintains a definite comic strip appearance reminescent of Walt Kelly the creator of Pogo, especially when the Bone cousins are being depicted. This dichotomy makes for an interesting and fascinating reading experience. The fascinating plot unfolds slowly as we the reader are allowed to experience the fantastic world of the Valley through the eyes of the Bone cousins.
Concrete.: While on a camping trip Ron Lithgow a bright, yet passive, and introverted political speech writer is kidnapped by aliens, and his brain is transplanted into a sexless alien body with a rock-like exterior, incredible strength and endurance, and extraordinary eyesight. After a desperate escape Ron contacts his friends in the government and they concoct a story about a non-existent government cyborg program that may allow Ron to live a somewhat normal life. Ron now finds himself in a world that no longer fits his physical body. An avid reader of explorer stories Ron attempts to use his new body to complete many feats of endurance, and exploration. Ron finds that even though he is now unable to function as a normal person would physically his brilliant mind and contemplative nature are his best attributes.
Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller.: "Bruce Wayne appears to be killed in a car race, only to have survived. It is the tenth anniversary of the last sighting of Batman - and according to a poll, most teenagers consider him to be a myth. James Gordon is still the Commissioner of Police, although a new gang, the Mutants, have issued a death threat against him. Bruce Wayne is up late at night, down in the Batcave, with everything draped in shrouds. He feels the core of Batman pulling him, urging him to return. But Bruce claims, "I will not let him. I gave my word. For Jason. Never. Never again. Alfred notices that Bruce has shaved the moustache off. Bruce never even noticed that he did it."
Madman Comics by Mike Allred.
Starman, by James Robinson and various artists.: "The title hero is Jack Knight, a man in his early 30's who originally rejected his heroic destiny (his father was the original Starman who fought crime during WWII.) but now embraces the adventure. He loves junk collecting, an aspect of the past that plays a very large part in the series. Armed with his fighting skills, intelligence, and a cosmic rod that draws energy from the stars, he is Opal City's champion, and as such, needs to overcome his inexperience and frequent mistakes. He's getting there, though, now adventuring through space and time, and soon he'll join the reformed Justice Society of America."
Sandman, writer Neil Gaiman with various artists.
The Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.
Vertigo Sites on the WWW.

Comic Resources.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
Comic Book Resources.
Wahoo! Links Directory : Your Guide to Comics on the Internet

The Crow Links.

The Crow: links to the information about the comic books by James O'barr, the movies, the novels, and the Television show, all based on James O'barr's creation.
The Crow: An interview with James O'Barr the creator of The Crow.

More Comic Creators.

R. Crumb.: underground comic artist, and reluctant 60's icon.
Berkely Breathed.: the creator of Bloom County.
Bill Watterson.: the creator of Calvin and Hobbes.