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The purpose of this page is to make available as much information about the "Hippy" and Psychedelic lifestyles that I could find. I have divided the links into as many appropriate categories as possible, and in most cases provided a brief explanation about those links. Categories include; Psychedelic Information, Sights, and Sounds, Hippies' Personal Pages, Articles about Hippies, Psychedelic Visionaries, 60's links, Online Magazines, Community Living, Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Religion links, Nudism, and Literature.

In constructing this page of links, one of the criteria I have tried to use when choosing pages to include, has been to include pages with other large links pages, as often as possible. As hard as I try, I don't have the energy or time to make this page as comprehensive as I would wish!! So if you notice gaps in the information, or sites that seem to have been ignored, this is the reason. I feel that most of the sites I have linked to have covered the Dead or other hippy related sites and that it would be redundant to put those links here.

Please use this page to educate yourself! Keep an open mind, but also think for yourself. Remember the maxim from the Sixties? "Question Authority!" I would ammend this and say "Question EVERYTHING!"

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Psychedelic information sights and sounds.

Ken Tv. Some really cool psychedelic graphics. Better have a fast connection and a really good computer! Transmissions from Quantum Time - Visions of the future?
Acid Trip.com An online Virtual Acid Trip!
The Psychedelic Experience A manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead By Timothy Leary, Ph.D., Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., & Richard Alpert, Ph.D.Translated into HTML by Ben Walter
Psychedelic Psyberspace. While surfing the net frantically during all hours of the night (or should I say morning) I realized that a psychedelic link did not exist or was well entangled in the web, which is why I decided to create this link...For all you psychedelic fans out there. As time permits you will find new links to various flowerpower sites and a multitude of psychedelic music links.
Atomic Books Drug Information.
Marijauna News Homepage.
Washington Hemp Education Network
Stoned.Org- A place for burnouts!!
Lick this Screen!-Sample blotter images.
Aqaurian Resource Page.
The Sputnik Drug Information Zone.
Psychedelic Links to a New Culture.
Psychedelic Links Includes links to information about; DMT and Ayahuasca •Psilocybin Mushrooms •Peyote and Mescaline •Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) •Other Psychedelic Sites
More Psychedelic Links To "Further" infuse you with psychedelia, we've found these psychedelic links for your viewing pleasure. Groovy man ...
pv's page of Psychedelic Links
Additional Sixties Links For your information, here is a list of just some of the hemp-related resources on the net.
Psychedelic Page •Psychedelic connection. •Environmental links. •Wildlife/Nature. •Visions & Ideas. •Drug story.
The Stanton Peele Addiction Website.
Reciprocal Links
Feed Your Head. Freaks were some of the early pioneers on the Net, and as a result, freaky resources abound. These links illustrate a range of topics that support fun, mischeif, and exploration all over the map. My attempt to arrange these sites felt futile, because there is a lot of overlap in content.
Aqualinks Psychedelics
Alternative Lifestyles Directory: A Hippy search engine!
The Vaults of Errowid.
The Pothead Philosophers Page.

Hippy's Personal Pages!

The Cool, Happy, Spiritual, Philisophical, Party, Power Page A Jungian Hippy! Cool!
Daze's Loft
Spaceman's Homepage.
Hippies in the 90's.
Hippies are nifty!
Laura Lee's Hippie Haven.
Tara Thrall's Tye die design.
pv's Homepage
Jim Greenlee's Home Page
Manny the Hippie's Home Page.
Mili's Page I was born in Zagreb, Croatia and have been living there for most of my life. I don't consider myself as being special, other than that I've always wanted to get to the bottom of things and was never satisfied with opinions substituted for truth.
Levi Asher
Mats Fjellner
Jay's Homepage.
The Oregon Hippy Homepage.
Medusa's Weird Web.Don't look now, but the sinister minister of the Internet is creeping behind you to pull your plug...
Internet Hippie - Are You One?
Pieman's Homepage.
Rob's Wacky Web Widget.
Matt Blumenfield's Homepage.
The Funhouse.
The Old Hippy Lost in Mississippi.
Japanese Hippiedom
Hippi Dan's Homepage.
Hippy's World. Welcome to my personnel website! It contains useful information regarding work and silly meaningless things regarding silliness. A UK hippy!
Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
Janet's Bag of Tricks.

Hippy Links Pages.

Hippy Links: Seems to be part of a commercial website, but still has some neat links.
Alternative Lifestyles Directory's page of Hippy Links.
ABBIEHOFFMAN.COM Steal this Website! With a ton of links to free stuff!
Keep on Truckin' Revistied Links Page: A great collection of links, ordered by date of entry!
Hippie Haven Links
Flamin' Hot Links The Haight Ashbury Free Press' list of links, which is more comprehensive, and broader in scope than this page!

Articles about "Hippies"

Hippies fostering the mentally disturbed
Hippies, Hindus and Transcendentalists
"Straight from the Sixties: What Conservatives owe the Decade They Hate,"
Ronald Reagan v. the hippies
Bohemian - Beatnik - Hippy - Normal?
Native Americans The First Hippies?
Where have all the hippies gone?
Hippies keep 1960s ideals burning
Van Morrison Glossary entry for "hippies".

Psychedelic Visionaries.

William S. Burroughs (1914-1997)
DHARMA beat Jack Kerouac newszine.
ALLEN GINSBERG: SHADOW CHANGES INTO BONE. The clearinghouse for all things Ginsberg.
In Memoriam: Allen Ginsberg.
The Hermann Hesse Page.
Hesse, Hermann (1877-1962)
Abbie Hoffman
Aldous Huxley. The following pages shall lead you into the hypnotic intellectual satirical spiritual philosophical world of ALDOUS HUXLEY.
Ken Kesey. Key-z productions. Ken Kesey! My favorite Madman! Kesey is probably most rememered for writing "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. But he was also a very influential inspiration in the "Psychedelic Revolution".
CYBERBUSS Meets Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters
Tarnished Galahad: The Prose and Pranks of Ken Kesey by Matthew Rick
The Timothy Leary Homepage.
Timothy Leary: Evolutionary Agent
Timothy Leary
Revolutionaries: Timothy Leary.
Meet Wavy Gravy "The 90's are the 60's standing on your head!" Wavy is a true psychedelic visionary! In addition to emceeing both Woodstock festivals, he also runs a summer camp for kids, and has created numerous charitable organizations.
Literary Kicks-dedicated to the Beat Generation.

Other Notables.

Although not exactly "Hippy" or "Psychedelic" the subjects of the below sites have helped me along in my own journey.

Joseph Campbell Foundation.
Keepers of the Lore. society for the preservation of myth, folklore and stories. Presenters of the Joseph Campbell Festival.
Spiritual Growth: Spiritual Growth explores the ideas in The Road Less Traveled by M Scott Peck. The meaning of spiritual growth, truth and true love are explained.

The 60's. The sights the sounds, and ideas that shaped an entire subculture!

Click here for more info about the SIxties. Links to the sights, sounds and people that made the 1960's the most exciting decade of the century. Click on the 60's logo to go visit.
Who's Who of the Haight-Ashbury Era
The Digger Archives is an ongoing Web project to preserve and present the history of the anarchist guerilla street theater group that challenged the emerging Counterculture of the Sixties and whose actions and ideals inspired (and continue to inspire) a generation (of all ages) to create models of Free Association.
Hippies on the Web Haight-Ashbury Music and Culture
THE 1967 SUMMER OF LOVE -a web site tour.
Woodstock Festival & Concert
Remembering the Jesus Movement.

Online Magazines.

The Baffler: This magazine is not online (at least I haven't been able to find it!) but here is a collection of articles, and excerpts from the books by the editor.Do you think you're cool? Better think again! The Conquest of Cool. Business and the American Mind Response to The Baffler Liberation Marketing
Utne Reader. The Best of the Alternative Media
High Times online magazine.
Hippyland Hippy Magazine.
Disinformation. The Subculture search engine. Exposing ignorance, intolerance, and promoting free speech.
The Onion. Farcical, and hilarious, parody newspaper that often gets it just right!
The Dirty Liberal Christian Hippy Home Journal!
For dirty old men@TIMES Webzine & bag ladies I'm not really sure what this mag is all about, really! But they have some neat articles!
The Blacklisted Journalist -- original interviews with Beat Generation heroes such as Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, etc.
Salon Magazine.
The Gadfly. Dear Friend,I'd like to tell you where Gadfly got its name. I wanted a name that would symbolize what we are trying to do with the magazine. We want to challenge and provoke. That's why the story of the gadfly came to mind.
Cosmic Baseball Association. Paradise Pisces Roster. Including Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, and Sitting Bull!
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view and disseminates factual information about the results of such inquiries to the scientific community and the public. It also promotes science and scientific inquiry, critical thinking, science education, and the use of reason in examining important issues.
First Nations If people are genuinely interested in honoring Indians, try getting your government to live up to the more than 400 treaties it signed with our nations.
Fad Magazine.
Keep On Truckin' Re-Visited Newsletter.
The Haight Ashbury Free Press
Bad Subjects Political Education For Everyday Life.

Community Living.

Zendik Tribe.
The Farm.
Jesus People USA - The Official Site
Jesus People-controversy.
The Rainbow Family of Living Light.
Intentional Communities Web site.
Rainbow links page
HIGH FLOWING COMMUNITY This is a community located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, not too far from my own home.
Beyond Babylon-Rainbow Family A Personal View by Brother Yama.
Meme Gardens: The Rainbow Gathering
"The Different Drum: Community Making & Peace" by M. Scott Peck
Sacred Hedonic Conspiracy.
Cyborganic Gardens.

Philosophy Metaphysics and Religion links.

The Universe Of Knowledge.
Radical Philosophy Association.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Table of Contents
Clifford A. Pickover, Ph.D. My primary interest is finding new ways to continually expand creativity by melding art, science, mathematics and other seemingly-disparate areas of human endeavor. I seek not only to expand the mind, but to shatter it.
The Association for the Study of Dreams
Buddhism Internet Links
NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUALITY The Native People of this Turtle Island hold within a memory of the original teachings. Those given to us by the Creator. They know in their hearts that this is our Mother. That there is a link that ties every living thing to each other. In the Web of life they still remember when we were all one tribe, the Human tribe. Ghost Wolf
Brother David's Library of Wisdom. An ecumenical, spiritual, metaphysical, religious and healing resource for an evolving world.

Nudism links.

Discovering Naturism
Cheef's Nudist Info

Expand your mind!! READ!!

The Link Engine: Books!
The Philip K. Dick Awards Homepage.
Transcontinental Trekkers Hey, fellow adventurers! Here is a list of those who have walked, ran, cycled, and even canoed their way across our continent and then settled down long enough afterwards to write a book about it. Those who have traveled across a substantial part of North America (i.e., close to a thousand miles, or more) are also included.
Peter Jenkins.com This is a web-site for those who love adventure and travel. It is for those who dream and those who do. It is for those that yearn to meet that wild character living up in the remote valley. It is for those who want to take a boat up a wild river or walk across America. peterjenkins.com is especially for those who read my adventure/travel books, and wish to communicate.
Glimpses, A Novel by Lewis Shiner.
The Summer Of Love, A Novel by Lisa Mason.
Atomic Books Drug Information.
Literary Kicks-dedicated to the Beat Generation.
The Movement and The Sixties
Timeless literature from the sixties
The Conquest of Cool: Business Culture, Counterculture, and the Rise of Hip Consumerism
The Adventures of Reefer By John Fischer from "True Believers (Don't) Ask Why?"
The Fischtank. John Fischers homepage.