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Sexuality Resources and Issues.

bianca's Good Vibration Masturbation Guide : Sexuality, and erotica discussed in a positive and adult manner.
Human Sexuality Collection : "The Human Sexuality Collection seeks to preserve and make accessible primary sources that document historical shifts in the social construction of sexuality, with a focus on U.S. lesbian and gay history and the politics of pornography."
Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality: MISSION STATEMENT: To disseminate knowledge about all aspects of human sexuality to the widest possible international community at moderate cost.

Pat Califia.

Pat Califia, feminist author
Pat Califia 42 things from the book Public Sex.
Public Sex : The culture of Radical Sex, by Pat Califia.

Erotic Story Links.

Alt.Sex.Stories.Text Repository
NKH:Erotic Story LInks.

Naturalism, and Nudism Links.

Warning! These links may lead you to websites that feature nude images. If you are offended by the human body in it's natural state please don't click on these links!

Cheef's Nudist Naturist Pages
Discovering Naturism. Naturism is a lifestyle which embraces the ideal that the human body is perfectly acceptable in its natural state, just as we were born.
Holy Nature.
Naturist World Gateway.

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