Links and eggrolls to go!

You're either on the bus or off the bus, get on the bus: Hippyland Hippy Magazine.
Adrian Lyne's Lolita: The official movie website, with downloadable clips from the film.
Disinformation: The Subculture search engine. Learn to think for yourself!
View Askew: The homepage of the Director of "Clerks", "Chasing Amy", and "Mallrats", Kevin Smith.
Beavis and Butthead: My favorite two tv watching idiots, besides my roommate and myself. SOUNDFILES.
Anonymizer: Surf the web anonymously!
Jerky Boys page: Ted's Jerky Boy's page with sound files!
Violent The Femmes official homepage.
Complete X-files!: A really nice X-files site with pics, links, and episode information.
Otherworldly sites by category: A huge listing of links from just about every possible category.
The X-files : The official X-files homepage.
Blacksburg Electronic Village: Come find out why Blacksburg is the "Most Wired City in America", and it ain't the coffee either!
The Coalition For Postive Sexuality: Positive sexuality resources, and links.
Sexuality Resources: Another page of links to sexuality information.
Other Sexuality Resources on the net: Still another page of links to sexuality information on the net!!
Cheech and Chong: Website devoted to my favorite potheads, with links, and soundfiles!
Cheef's Christian Nudist-naturist page: Check out the unusual world of Christian nudism.
Hot websites of the past: A massive page of links to obscure, unusual, and interesting websites. If your really bored check this out!
Sound files site: A really nice collection of sound files.
The Ramones: Another one of my favorite bands!
Mike's Ramones page: Lyrics, sounds, pics, etc.
This ain't Havana: A resource page for the die-hard Ramones fan!
The Doors: Yet another one of my favorite bands!
Mystery Science Theatre 3000: My favorite television show.
The Electric Druid Homepage: A nice website from a very creative person.
Rainbow Family of Living Light Unofficial Homepage: Who are the Rainbow Family? Check this page!
Mystery as a source for knowledge: Links to mysticism, and magic sites.
Automated Beavis and Butthead: An article explaining why we like Beavis and Butthead so much!
Naturism: Discovering Naturism.(Huh, huh, we saw naked people!)
The Heart of Gold: Douglas Adams info.
The Douglas Adams Worship Page: FAQ's, and info regarding Douglas Adams.
Aron's Beastie Boys page: Links collection, and photos.
Kurt Cobain: A nice tribute to one of my favorite songwriters.
Kurt Picture Archive: Claims to be the largest collection of Kurt and Nirvana pics.
Ken Kesey: Links page to Kesey info. One of my favorite madmen!
Jack Kerouac and the Byte Generation: Info about my favorite writer, and his contemporaries.
C.S. Lewis info and links: The creator of my favorite fictional universe, and a brilliant author.
Ray Bradbury's Biography: With links to pics, and other Bradbury info.
The Works of David Brin: Links and other infor regarding one of my favorite authors.
David Brin on the www: David Brin's personal page.
Calvin and Hobbes fan page: with links and pics.
The Simpsons: Page with a LOT of links to Simpsons pages.
Monty Python links and info: My all time favorite comedy troup.
The Oregon Country Fair: It began in 1969 a month before before Woodstock.
The AM/TV Archive: Erotic tv story page.
Spinal Tap: The Official Homepage!
Cheech and Chong: Cheech and Chong links Pages.
Easy Rider: The original counter culture flick, a review for one of my favorite movies.
Easy Rider: Credits, and links to Easy Rider info.
The Mabel Dodge Luhan House : With Easy Rider photos.
Venice Scenes: Venice Beach photos. One of my favorite places.
The Definitive Alicia Silverstone website.: Links, pictures, and news about one of my favorite actresses.
99 Lives: A huge movie resource website.
Full Moon: A website devoted to one of my favorite past times.
Internet Movie Database: A comprehensive guide to movies.
Richard Linklater: Director of Slacker, Dazed and Confused, two of my favorite movies. His filmography.
Slacker: The Slacker homepage. Directed by Richard Linklater.
Isn't that bizzare?: A webpage of articles devoted to weird coincedences, and strange associations.
The Beauty of Women: "God's most beautiful creation is woman."
Council on Spiritual Practices: The Council on Spiritual Practices is dedicated to making direct experience of the sacred more accessible to more people.
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal : encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view...
The Crow: Links to info about the movie starring Brandon Lee and the comic by James O'Barr.
Mark/Space Interplanetary Review: A huge list of Science Fiction novels and authors.
Bob Denver: Gilligan and Maynard G. Krebbs. Now lives near my hometown.
Archive of Urban Legends and Netlore: Courtesy of the Mining Company.
Reciprocal Linkage: A huge list of links!
NKH : Erotic Text Links
MaryAnne's Home Page: Erotic Stories, her online Journal, Sf and fantasy books.
Anime and Toons Gallery: Cool anime graphics.
The Erotic Stories Depository: A huge collection of free erotic texts.
Edibit it: Get your webstite noticed, submit your url to these great sites.
Poor Richard's Almanac: Welcome, gentle reader, to Poor Rich's Almanac, a journey into the convoluted depths of the mind of Rich Wyckoff (me)
Privacy Issues on the Net: Find out how to protect yourself on the net.
Babes In Toyland : These pages are dedicated to one of the best all-female bands in the world today and this bands' fans!
Krystal's Crash Test Dummies Home Page: One of my favorite bands.
Dan's Beavis and Butthead Virtual World: with downloadable clips!
"The Pet de Kat Krewe": This is an odd website created by people who describe themselves as,"professional audience made up of worldwide festivalists."
DDY's Late Show Fan Page: A huge page of links to David Letterman fan pages.
Cutting Some Slack with Richard Linklater: A Mondo 2000 interview with one of my favorite directors.
The Readers Robot: A database of books and readers. I highly reccomend this website.
Buffalo 66: Starring Christina Ricci.
Welcome to the Star Trek Universe: All things Star Trek.
Shamanism: A huge page of links to Shamanism info.
Interview with the Vampire : the movie. With still photos, soundfiles and links.
Eric's Tribute to A Prayer For Owen Meany: a personal tribute to the novel by John Irving.
Juxtapoz: a lowbrow art mag with interviews, portfolios, sketches and studio visits.
Mark Ryden: Fine art Publishing's collection of Mark Ryden prints.
Jan Saudek: A brief biography, and examples of a fine photographer.
Micheal and Inta's Cybercafe: featuring the photography of Sally Mann, Ansel Adams and many more.
Sally Mann: Yahoo's page of Sally Mann links.
R. Crumb: Yahoo's page of R. Crumb links.
Max Yasgur's Farm: A novel by Dan Bimrose, and Dan's personal site.
Black and White books: Out of print and hard to find nude books.
Photocollect: Fine art vintage, modern & contemporary photograph
Monty Python Scripts: General Information | Monty Python's Flying Circus | Monty Python and the Holy Grail | Monty Python's Life of Brian | Monty Python Live at the Hollywood...
The State's Official Website: Mtv's The State, one of my favorite comedy troups.
Thomas Frank the Editor of The Baffler: An Amazon page of information about this author.
Commodify your dissent: Salvos from the Baffler.
Harmony's Hippy Haven: A very cool hippy's website.
Nude Photography: An essay discussing the issues surounding nude photography of children.
All In The Family: I'm not sure why, "cough cough", but this show has become one of my favorites!
Tim Burton: a collection of links for one of my favorite directors.
Commodify Your Dissent : a review for the book by the editor of The Baffler.

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The Pathetic World of Stacy Puckett: One of my best and oldest friends.
Phishy fractals and pictures: One of my old roommates' website.
Oceana Bar and Grill: My friend Jon's new website.
Intelligentsia Buffet: A reading list compiled by myself and Jon.
Kelly's Scrumdiddlyumptious Scrabble Site: A really cool website devoted to activism, Scrabble, Willy Wonka,
A Link To Anywhere: A collection of paranormal, Rainbow Family, and Hippy links.
Dirty Hippy Liberal Christian Home Journal: A great spiritual resource.
Robert Silverman's home page: Another Robman's cool website.
Hippypunk's Starry-eyed Love Page!: A website devoted to beauty, joy, and fun!
Jay's Homepage: (AKA: Jay Dreaming, J. Bones, Jay Sun, J. Daniel Fattorosi) musician, artist, poet, mystic, sound engineer, revolutionary, and reformed working-class grunt.
Max Yasgur's Farm: a novel by Dan Bimrose, and his personal website.
The Talaxian Trader: The Totally Unofficial Ethan Philips Fan Page--Neelix Star Trek Voyager, disabled fandom.
Hermosa Design Center: a great place to buy furniture in the South Bay area of California. The proprietors also happen to be good friends of mine.

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