Glimpses, a novel by Lewis Shiner. Ray Shackleford is a child of the sixties. His marriage is falling apart, his father has just died, and suddenly he finds that he has the ability to create music that never existed, but might have been, music that many would argue, should have been!

One day, alone, Ray imagines the Beatles recording session of "The Long and Winding Road", and how it could have been. Suddenly there it is coming out of his speakers. Thus begins a long journey for Ray. It is a journey of self-discovery, of loss, pain, and of joy.

Ray's journey even takes him back through time. Back to the "Celebration of the Lizard" recording session, where he tackles the obsessive and destructive personality of Jim Morrison, in an effort to get him to finish the album.

Ray travels, this time physically, to the sixties where he meets Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, and he helps him complete the "Smile" album.

Ray even finds himself in the London of the sixties desperately trying to save the life of Jimi Hendrix.

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"The late sixties were about the notion of an infinite expansion of possibilities...The problem was greed and hatred. The answer was peace and love...We knew we could change the world" but "hope and promise turned to ashes, grass and LSD turned to coke and heroin" and now "Money is all that anyone cares about", "Oil tankers are spilling oil all over the world's beaches, and nobody stops them because we don't want to give up our cars."

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