I have always been interested in paranormal phenemona, the strange, and "Forbidden Knowledge". As a child I found and read every book on UFO's, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Mothman, Mythology, Harry Houdini, Conspiracies, and any other paranormal or just weird phenomena I could find. I was and remain a HUGE science fiction fan. As a child I took all of the claims of the paranormal, and conspiracies completely seriously. I no longer maintain such a world view.

But if we begin to see these things as what they truly are, the representations and manifestations of our collective subconcious and our dreams, then they begin to take on a more ominous and forboding appearance. What do these things tell us about the future of our world? I don't know, but it scares the hell out of me! So lets all try and project a little light on our world! Peruse these links, and have a laugh, or learn something, but please remain skeptical!As of October 2001 I have updated this page by removing many of the broken links. If you have a link for this page email me!

Have fun, but remember;

"Trust No One"!


Anti-environmental myths

Blather online magazine.


The Center for Story and Symbols.

Church Of SubGenius

Citizen Action


Conspiracy Theory The Official Movie Website

crank dot net



Folklore and Mythology


Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas

Ghost Stories and Folklore

The KennedyAssassination

JFK Assassination and Freemasons

The Junk Science Homepage

Millennium Madness

The Millenium, Fears of the Apocalypse: Escape from Reason.

Militia Watchdog's Page of Militia Links

Myths and Legends

New York Area Skeptics

Of Gods and Men

Paranormal Research Primer

Practical Skepticism

Rick Ross Expert Consultant on dangerous cults.

Strange Magazine Paranormal and Strange Phenomena

The AFU and Urban Legends Archive

The Smoking Gun

Synchronicity:The Dark Side of the Wizard of Oz. Is there a connection between the Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd?



Urban Legends Reference Pages

Why I'm No Longer a Conspiracy Buff

X Project Paranormal Magazine

The X-files the Truth is Backwards!

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